Unisex shirts from upcycled sheets

We are a sustainable Portuguese fashion brand that sells shirts made from upcycled hotel sheets.

Our unisex shirts are made from upcycled bedsheets which we source from our partner hotels in Portugal.
We work with local Portuguese seamstresses whom create high quality shirts out of these bedsheets made from 100% cotton. Finally we partner with local Portuguese artists that use natural handcraft techniques to create unique designs for our shirts. We are proudly, slowly and sustainably made in Portugal and like to share these values with you.

  • Imperfection

    Every human is unique. With their good and bad sides. We believe the same counts for shirts. You will find slight differences in each shirt. We like to call them our unique touch. 

  • Second chance

    Recycling, upcycling, circularity, sustainability. Many fancy words. We prefer to simply call it giving a second chance. Which we like to give in life. To people, to sheets and to shirts.

  • Handwork

    Nowadays it's all about AI, however we focus more on hand-eye. The touch of the artist, the creative process sprouting from a local community. That's the game we like to play.

  • Simplicity

    We appreciate slow and small. Timeless quality pieces delivered in small quantities. The simplicity hidden in the fine details of the shirt and the small footprint we leave behind.

  • Breeziness

    The sun and the ocean. The moon and the wind. They all bring their invisible touch that we often don't see, but shape us more than we can imagine.

The breezy types

Meet our founding team. Ari and Jo. A Portuguese senhora and a Dutch senhor. Living in Lisbon. Having worked in technology and hospitality we felt it was time for something else and see if it sticks. It all started with Jo falling over boxes full of sheets. Just standing there, without a purpose, in a forgotten corner of her hotel. 100% pure cotton too good to rot away. Just a little bored, waiting for some color in their lives. 

While organizing a local market filled with creative brands working with natural techniques, the question arose “why not work together with these local artists?” and that is how we now turn sheets into shirts. Trying to be sustainable, act creative and keeping it simple.